Best long gun safe under $1000

10 Best Long Gun Safes In 2023

Guns are tricky and you need to preserve them in a good way. And for that, you have to have the “best long gun safe“.

The proper safe will guard your rifles, help you to have easy access to them, and assure that your near and dear ones are free from danger.

This is the reason why we came up with this guide. It’ll lead you to some great lockers, which will be the accurate solution to your consciousness. Here we’ll talk about the top 10 long gun safes and how to buy them accurately.

Let’s buckle up, then!

Comparison Table of the Best Long Gun Safe

Here is the comparison table of the top 10 long gun safe,

NameColorMaterialLock Type
Stealth 14BlackAlloy SteelUL Electronic Lock NL UR2020
SteelwaterBlackAlloy SteelKey, Anti-Theft
Stealth 23BlackAlloy SteelCombination, Electronic
ToleblidMatte BlackSteelElectronic, Key
Langger VBlackThick SteelSmart
BBRKINGlossyMetal, SteelKey, Electronic
BafuskaMatte BlackMetalElectronic
QuicktecRocky finish blackAlloy SteelElectronic, Key

Reviews of Best Long Gun Safes For 2023

After hectic research, we found some really excellent long gun safes which can protect your firearms without a doubt. How about we check them out one by one?

1. Stealth 14 Gun Safe 

At the top of our list, it’s a gun safe from Stealth. Of course, it’s one of the best long gun safe out there for having the utmost UL security, fire protection and heat expendable door.

The high-security electronic lock of this large gun safe is its attraction point. You can literally lock it by setting your password. It’s also preserved by a re-locker and hard plate, which is tough for an outsider to access.

Besides, the steel door adds more security with six 1” locking bolts, which can’t be easily broken.

If there’s any inconvenience like fire also, the heat-expandable door will take care of it. You can put the safe there for 30 minutes and the whole thing will be fine.

Inside the locker are pistol holsters to hold the pistols, a triple magazine pouch for protecting the gun and a huge storage pocket. 

Remember that the pistol holders can be easily removed. You can also use the magazine pouch to keep ammo or knives.

With the molle door, you can customize your belongings inside the safe. If you want to change the setup of the interior, you can do it easily here.

Therefore the electrical outlets are mind-blowing of Stealth. You’ll have 3 outlet plugins and 2 USB slots if you want to use electronic devices. And you can get this large gun safe under $1000.


  • It comes with the highest UL security system for safety
  • The door is fireproof to keep internal belongings unharmed
  • There are pistol holders and magazine pouches to hold the gun pieces tightly
  • Customizable molle door is available to enhance your taste
  • It has proper electrical outlets for using any device anytime


  • Can be a little heavy

2. Kodiak KB5529ECS Long Gun Safe

Have you ever heard of a gun safe holding up to 30 guns at once? Well, Kodiak can do this effortlessly. If you are looking for the best fireproof long gun safe, then this Kodiak gun safe is for you.

With the 30 minute fire protection at 1400°F, Kodiak’s locker will keep your guns safe. Additionally, the door is made of 2.00mm alloy steel which can’t be smashed by anything. Only you can open it with your hands.

Also, the door can expand 7 times more to protect your guns from fire and smoke. Talking about the door, you must know that the security system here is top-notch. You just have to set a password and lock the door with the UL electrical lock. All shielded, don’t you think?

Another great fact about Kodiak is that you can keep more pistols and guns here. It has a place for 10 handguns and pistols and 30 long guns, which we’re sure will be enough for you.

Therefore, the door organizer and adjustable shelving are here. You can put up things just the way you want. No other space is needed outside the safe.


  • It has a place for huge guns and pistols for the convenience
  • Comes with an amazing handle and lock system for security
  • It’s fireproof so no harm will happen to the locker
  • The interior part can be adjusted anytime with the adaptable walls and shelves


  • Scope-mounted rifles might take more space

3. Steelwater 18 Long Gun Safes 

An EMP-proof locker is a must in your home and Steelwater is all about that. If the emp attack happens, you can simply open your shelf with the bypass key, which is this product’s great feature.

Steelwater has two amazing securities. One is the bypass key which can be locked and unlocked very smoothly. You can put your guns inside the safe and keep the key preserved beside you.

Another thing is the fireproof quality. With the 45minutes of heat protection at 1200F, your locker will be safe out there if there’s any disruption.

Guess what? The safe is made with thick steel, protecting the inside, no matter what. Plus, the construction will be much more durable; hence you can use it for years.

Last but not least, 18 long rifles can be easily stored here. Your guns will be solid, and you can set them up in your own way.


  • Emp proof for avoiding emp attacks
  • It ensures fire-resistant quality for a longer time to keep guns uninjured
  • Has a bypass key to keep the locker protected from others
  • The build-up is heavy-duty that will last for a long time
  • It confirms storing up enough guns and pistols


  • Expenses more than it works

4. Stealth 23 Gun Safe 

Well, we’re here with another Stealth gun safe. It is one of the best fireproof long gun safe in the market that can hold up to 23 guns altogether. Also, it comes with a universal 20-20 lock system for ultimate safety.

This beast is constructed with a heavy-duty steel door and body that can be durable for longer. The body won’t be rusted at all. After all, it’s DOJ approved!

Moreover, the UR20-20 makes the item more reliable. Once you lock the safe door, your child or other curious people won’t have access to it.

Not only this, but also, the 3-spoke handle makes it easy to lock and unlock the shelf.

Now coming to the fireproof feature, Stealth gun safe can handle around 1200F fire for 30 minutes straight. If there’s any trouble, trust us; your gun safe will be safe!

In addition, you will get a molle door organizer to organize all the interior things by yourself. The adjustable shelves do the same work too. So, put the guns regarding your choice. 

There are electrical outlets installed as well to charge batteries or any devices you want. Impressive, isn’t it?


  • The gun safe comes with a door organizer for the adjustments
  • Has fireproof grade to keep the self safe in any situation
  • Electrical outlets are there for having extra facilities
  • DOJ approved heavy steel for durability
  • It can store so many guns at once for ease


  • No bypass key option included

5. TOLEBLID Fireproof Biometric Long Gun Safe

Are you someone who likes classy and sturdy biometric long gun safe? No worries then, because Toleblid is exactly what you’re looking for. Along with fireproof and biometric option, this rifle safe has a perfect steel body with anti-drilling characteristics. This will blow your mind because what more a gun safe can offer than this under $500 .

The interior of this quick access long gun safe is made with soft foam, which won’t damage the rifles. Also, the floor has carpet, so if the guns fall, they won’t get damaged. On top of that, you can store up to 11 rifles 60” here easily. The scoped ones will also fit and you won’t have any issues trust us.

The adjustable shelf will let you put other accessories if you want. But if you want to remove it, you can do that and put some more rifles too.

Coming to the outer part now, the safe is made with thick alloy steel which has anti-prying and anti-drilling traits. It’s easy to install and will be durable for ages, that’s for sure.

And yes, the locker is anti-theft as well. If you want extreme safety, go for this one because it won’t allow anyone to take your guns.

Likewise, for more security, the Toleblid biometric long gun safe has a biometric keypad and alarm system. It can take around 100 fingerprints for your convenience. If you press the wrong password or if your fingerprint doesn’t match, the alarm will ring for 1 minute while locking the whole system. 

It comes with a 1spare key in case you forget your passcode. So, If you want a anti-theft heavy duty long gun safes under $500, then choose this one.


  • The interior is made with soft material to keep the items protected
  • Has an excellent steel body for utmost durability
  • It can store up to a huge number of rifles
  • The adjustable shelf makes the task easier
  • Confirms anti-theft quality with the alarm feature


  • Huge and takes up a lot of space

6. Langger V Gun Safe for Rifle

A good long gun safe with a proper anti-theft method can save your guns from difficult situations. Langger confirms that with the silent option and wrong access alarm together. It’s a reliable and budget friendly gun safe trusted by many gun owners.

If anyone enters the wrong password for 5times, this locker will turn on the alarm. It’ll make sure the security is to the fullest. Also, if you forget the password, you can simply use the key that comes along with the package.

The outside part of this Langger long gun safe is made with 14gauge heavy steel which will stay sturdy for years. No rust or breakage will happen.

On top of this, there are hardware and pre-drilled holes so that you can mount the locker easily. Simple installation, right?

Let’s talk about the inside part now. In the interior, there are three sections, such as a separate lockbox, an adjustable shelf and a 5long gun rest.

With the lockbox, you can keep your private things unseen; with the removable shelf, you can customize it however you want.

The long rifles with scopes, guns, magazines, and ammo can be stored without any trouble here. It is well priced at only $429.


  • It ensures excellent anti-theft protection
  • The pre-drilled holes are here for easy installation
  • Removal shelf helps to set the inside of the locker as new
  • It’s made with strong steel for long-lasting usage


  • The instruction manual is not clear

7. BBRKIN Large Rifle Safe

If you’re looking for a compact long gun safe with a strong structure and a higher security system, stop here because BBRKIN is what you need. You can get this safe at only $419.

BBRKIN is made with the ultimate powerful digital keypad you’ll ever need. It has 3-8 digits code, backup keys, speed access, big buttons, and alarm. It’s also tamper-resistant and user-friendly!

With an accurate password, you can access your locker pretty easily. And if you put in the wrong pin code or if anyone tries to open it, the alarm will ring for the alert.

The exterior part is made with heavy-duty metal for protection. Here the door can be gently locked with a sturdy handle as well.

Coming to the interior, the whole shelf has 4 different parts. They’re the lockbox, removable shelf, handgun, and side rifle rest. 

In the lockbox, you can keep your secret items, and the removable shelf will help you to redecorate the safe, and handgun rest and rifle rest will be convenient to keep the rest separately.

Remember that, you can keep around 5-6 rifles of 50” with/without scopes without any issue. So we think this one will be a great deal if you want a long gun safe for closet!


  • Tamper-resistant to keep everyone safe
  • It comes with a digital keypad for easy access
  • Can store up enough rifles and guns altogether
  • Durability is guaranteed with the extensive construction
  • Anti-theft alarm ensures security to the fullest


  • The locking mechanism is not resettable

8. Bafuska Larger and Deeper Rifle Safe

This Bafuska gun safe is a deep and long rifle safe that will be definitely worth it to keep all your guns and rifles together for a long time. And especially, it is a quick access gun cabinet and offers two safety opening methods. Hence it’s the allrounder. 

A fantastic thing about Bafuska is that it’s suitable for any place. No matter if you want to put your locker in the office or at home, it’ll look classy either way.

Likewise, the safety method is top tier here with the 2 opening systems. You can select the silent mode so that no one hears it whenever you’re using your items. And the other thing is the wrong access sound. If you enter the password incorrectly or if your child just keeps tapping, it’ll alert you.

Now, inside this metal locker, there is a separate lockbox. You can put anything there, such as pistols, jewelry, bullets, etc.

Likewise, the movable storage shelf is here, but you can remove it anytime you want. Adjust it with 1(55inch) and 4(48inch) rifles and various pistols.

Last but not least, all these guns will be safe inside as the interior is made with soft foam and there is carpet on the floor. Guarded and secured all the way!


  • This gun safe is suitable for any place for your ease
  • It confirms multiple opening methods for simple access
  • Comes with an alert alarm for extra security
  • The separate lockbox helps to carry more things
  • Any type of rifle and gun can be stored up effortlessly


  • Not great for ammo

9. Quicktec Larger and Deeper Rifle Safe

Next up, we have a gun safe from Quicktec. This large gun safe has been one of the most popular gun lockers for so many years because of its reliable setup.

If you want a reliable but cheap quick access gun safe that can hold up to 5-6 Rifles and Shotguns then this safe is for you. And you can get this rifle safe for just $309.

The shelf is huge and large for all types of guns. You can keep the rifles and shotguns with scopes with comfort. Plus, it comes with two emergency keys for extra assurance.

In addition, you’ll get the highest security ever with the digital lock mechanism. The safe has a 3-8 digits pin code system, including the 2 backup keys. If you ever forget the password, you can use the keys.

The alarm is here as well. If there is any inconvenience, your locker will give you a signal after 3 wrong codes. 

Believe it or not, Quicktec gun safe is built with high-quality steel and has five deadbolts; there is no chance of any destruction for years and years. Durable, don’t you agree?

Moreover, 2 adjustable shelves are here so that you can rearrange the whole interior by your choice.

Lastly, there are pre-drilled holes for making the installation process smooth. What more do you need?


  • The locker comes with several backup keys
  • It ensures excessive security with a fine alarm system
  • The body is made with tough steel for durability
  • Adjustable shelves make it easier to put things or remove things 


  • Resetting passwords take a lot of time

10. BARSKA Security Safe

For the last product, we have Barska. It is the best quick access long gun safe in our list. Not only does this have the biometric fingerprint scanner, but also the locker is drop tested, pry tested, saw tested, and pick tested!

With the 2.5sec time, you’ll be able to access your gun safe. It can take 120 fingerprints thus, all of your family members or trustworthy people can have access to it.

It comes with the key and battery backup too. Once you charge the locker, it’ll work for around 1 year or 10,000 scans. Pretty enough!

If we talk about the manufacturing of the safe, we’ll say that it’s solid. How? The locker is made with 100% steel, ensuring the shelf is durable and tamper-resistant. Even the thief will be disappointed with the security we’re telling you about!

Furthermore, the 5deadbolts make sure the door is locked properly.

With the pre-mounted drills, you can easily install the whole thing in your home or office. No hassle will be added.

Finally, a total of 12 rifles can be stored here, undoubtedly. And you can keep other accessories on the three adjustable shelves that are settled inside the safe.


  • The safe has a biometric scanner which approves top security
  • Adjustable shelves are here to store up other belongings
  • It comes with a battery and extra keys for additional protection
  • Easy installation is confirmed because of the pre-drilled situation
  • The construction is heavy duty and durable to last for ages


  • The thick cardboard box inside the safe is hard to remove

How to Buy a Perfect Long Gun Safe: Buying Guide

To purchase a gun safe, you need to be very careful. In the market, there are some shelves that are not secure. Buying one of them will eventually waste your money and risk your life. Below there are some key points you must consider. For example:

  • Well Built Body

The first and foremost thing to remember while buying a gun safe is the heavily built body. If the construction is robust, your locker will last for a long.

You can try to buy a safe which is thick and made with steel. A good steeled gun safe will protect your rifles and pistols well.

  • High Rated Scanner

Security is the key when it comes to long gun safes. You already know how risky these items are, so you need to be cautious about if the product has a fine password system and spare keys.

  • Adjustable Shelf

No matter how many extra shelves are inside your locker, you need to confirm if they’re movable. Sometimes if your rifles are long enough, you might need to move the extra plate so that they fit.

Try to confirm if the racks are customizable.

  • Easy Installation

Just as importantly, you must remember that the installation process is also necessary. Check if your gun safe has drilled holes or easy backup to set the product smoothly in your home or office.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a long gun safe worth it?

Of course, a long gun safe is worthy. A Gun is a type of thing that needs to be protected otherwise, any inconvenience can happen. You should purchase a secured locker where the guns can be danger free.

  • Can you keep money in a gun safe?

You can keep money, jewelry, knives and other accessories in your gun safe. As long as your locker has extra shelves or a lock box, you don’t have to worry about anything.

  • How long will ammo last in a gun safe?

Your ammo will last for a decade in a gun safe. If you keep it protected and if your shelf is constructed in a good way, it can probably last up to 20 years as well.

The Bottom Line

That’s all. We’re sure now you know about the best long gun safe under $1000 to protect your rifles. Your guns need a proper home too and it’s your responsibility to make sure about it.

If you’re unsure which one to go for, just try Stealth 14 Gun Safe. It’s fireproof, has electric outlets, and comes with a heat-expandable door and adjustable shelves. All in one package and we’re sure you’ll love it. You can also go for other ones regarding your requirements.

However, as it’s a dangerous thing, try to keep your gun safe in a place where your child, pet or strangers can’t go easily.

Good Luck!

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