Shoot Rifled Slugs Through a Rifled Barrel

Can You Shoot Rifled Slugs Through a Rifled Barrel?

Shoot Rifled Slugs Through a Rifled Barrel

Rifled barrels are designed for shooting bullets, not slugs. However, you can shoot rifled slugs through a rifled barrel if you use the proper choke. A full choke is recommended because it provides a tight seal between the slug and the barrel.

This prevents the slug from spinning and increases accuracy.

  • Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific gun model
  • Some guns may not be able to handle rifled slugs
  • Choose the right size and weight of slug for your gun
  • Heavier slugs will generally have more stopping power, but lighter slugs may be easier to control
  • Clean your gun’s barrel thoroughly before shooting to ensure accuracy
  • Load the slug into the chamber of your gun, taking care not to damage the slug with rough handling
  • Aim carefully and squeeze the trigger gently to avoid jerking the gun and throwing off your shot

Smyth Busters: Do Rifled Shotgun Slugs Require a Rifled Barrel?

What Slugs to Use in a Rifled Barrel?

If you’re looking to shoot slugs out of a rifled barrel, there are a few things you need to know. First off, not all slugs are created equal. While most will work just fine, there are some that are specifically designed for use with rifled barrels.

These slugs will have grooves or flutes cut into them that correspond with the rifling in your barrel. This helps to stabilize the slug as it travels down the barrel and increases accuracy. When choosing a slug for your rifled barrel, pay attention to the length as well.

Slugs that are too long can get jammed in the barrel, while those that are too short may not provide enough stability and could end up veering off course. Most manufacturers will list recommended lengths for different types of barrels on their packaging.

With all that being said, here are a few good choices for slugs to use in a rifled barrel:

-Hornady SST Slug:

This slug is designed specifically for use in rifled barrels and features deep fluting which provides excellent stabilization. It’s also one of the more accurate slugs on the market and is available in both 12 gauge and 20 gauge varieties.

-Remington AccuTip Slug:

Another great choice for accuracy, this slug also features spiral fluting which helps it spin as it exits the barrel for added stability in flight. It comes in 12 gauge and 20 gauge options as well.

-Federal Premium TruBall Rifled Slug:

One of the more popular choices among hunters, this slug is designed for maximum penetration thanks to its hardened lead core. It’s available in 12 gauge only however.

Will Rifled Slugs Hurt a Smooth Barrel?

Rifled slugs are specifically designed to be used in barrels with rifling. The rifling in the barrel will spin the slug as it travels down the barrel, making it more accurate than a smooth bore slug. Smooth bore barrels can safely shoot rifled slugs, but they will not be as accurate as if they were shot from a rifled barrel.

Can You Shoot Rifled Slugs Through a Rifled Barrel?


Can You Shoot Remington Sluggers Through a Rifled Barrel

Remington Sluggers are designed for smooth-bore barrels, and will not accurately shoot through a rifled barrel. The slug’s spin is imparted by the grooves in the smooth-bore barrel, so when it comes out of a rifled barrel, the spin is disturbed and accuracy is lost.

Sabot Slugs

Sabot slugs are a type of ammunition typically used in shotguns. The name “sabot” comes from the French word for “shoe”, as these types of slugs are often encased in a plastic or metal shell that helps them to better fit inside the shotgun’s barrel. Sabot slugs are usually larger and heavier than traditional shotgun pellets, and can therefore pack a much bigger punch.

While they are often used for hunting purposes, sabot slugs can also be effective for self-defense or home security. If you’re considering using this type of ammunition, it’s important to know a few things about it first. Here’s what you need to know about sabot slugs:

1. What is a sabot slug?

A sabot slug is a type of shotgun ammunition that consists of a large, heavy projectile that is encased in a plastic or metal shell (or “sabot”). This casing helps the slug to better fit inside the shotgun’s barrel, and also aids in stabilization during flight.

Sabot slugs are typically more accurate than traditional shotgun pellets, and can therefore be very effective for hunting purposes.

2. What are the benefits of using sabot slugs?

There are several benefits to using sabot slugs over traditional shotgun pellets:

-They’re more accurate:

Because they’re more aerodynamic, sabot slugs tend to fly straighter and hit their target more accurately than pellets do. This makes them ideal for hunting applications where precision is key.

-They’re more powerful:

Sabot slugs are typically larger and heavier than pellets, which means they pack quite a bit more punch.

This increased power can be beneficial for self-defense or home security situations where stopping power is essential.

-They penetrate deeper:

In addition to being more powerful than pellets, sabot slugs also have greater penetration capabilities thanks to their weight and aerodynamic shape. This makes them ideal for taking down large game animals such as deer or hogs.

3. Are there any drawbacks to using sabot Slides?

While there are many advantages to using sabotslides over traditional shotgun pellets , thereare some potential drawbacks as well : – They ‘re less forgiving : Because they ‘re so precise , if you don’t hit your target dead – center witha sabot slug , you may not take it down . This lackof forgivenesscan make them less suitablefor novice shooters .

Slug Barrel

22 Rifles Slug barrels are becoming increasingly popular for .22 caliber rifles. The benefits of a slug barrel are many, but the most notable is the increase in accuracy.

A slug barrel will typically have a much tighter bore than a standard rifle barrel, which results in greater stability and therefore more accuracy. In addition, the rifling on a slug barrel is often shallower than on a standard rifle barrel, which further increases accuracy. Slug barrels also tend to be heavier than standard barrels, which helps to minimize recoil.


A rifled slug is a type of shotgun ammunition that has grooves cut into the sides of the slug. This gives the slug a spin as it leaves the barrel, which makes it more accurate than a traditional shotgun shell. You can shoot a rifled slug through a rifled barrel, but it will not be as accurate as if you were to use a smooth-bore barrel.

The reason for this is that the rifling in the barrel will cause the slug to spin off course. If you are looking for accuracy, stick to using a smooth-bore barrel with your rifled slugs.

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