Rifled Barrel to Shoot Slugs

Do I Need a Rifled Barrel to Shoot Slugs?

Rifled Barrel to Shoot Slugs

If you’re looking to shoot slugs, you might be wondering if you need a rifled barrel. The answer is yes and no. A rifled barrel can improve accuracy, but it’s not necessary for all types of slug shooting.

Here’s a look at when you might want to use a rifled barrel and when you can get by with a smooth bore.

If you’re planning on doing any serious hunting with a shotgun, then the answer is yes – you need a rifled barrel to shoot slugs. Slugs are much more accurate than pellets, and a rifled barrel will help you get the most out of them. There are two main types of shotgun barrels – smoothbore and rifled.

Smoothbore barrels are fine for shooting pellets, but they’ll cause your slugs to spin and lose accuracy. Rifled barrels have grooves cut into them that make the slug rotate as it flies, so it stays on course and hits its target. So if you want to be able to shoot accurately with slugs, make sure you get yourself a rifled barrel!

Smyth Busters: Do Rifled Shotgun Slugs Require a Rifled Barrel?

Can You Shoot Slugs Without a Rifled Barrel?

Slugs are typically larger than pellets, and have a smooth bore. As a result, they can be fired through a rifled or smooth-bore barrel. The main advantage of a rifled barrel is that it will impart spin to the slug, making it more stable in flight and therefore more accurate.

A smooth-bore barrel will not provide this spin, but can still be used to fire slugs accurately.

Can I Shoot Rifled Slugs Through a Smooth Barrel?

You can shoot rifled slugs through a smooth barrel, but it’s not recommended. Rifled slugs are designed to be used with barrels that have rifling, as the grooves in the barrel help spin the slug for more accuracy. When you shoot a rifled slug through a smooth barrel, the slug won’t spin and will be less accurate.

Additionally, shooting rifled slugs through a smooth barrel can damage the bore of your gun over time.

What Shotgun Barrel is Best for Slugs?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a shotgun barrel for slugs. The first is the length of the barrel. A longer barrel will be more accurate than a shorter one, but it will also be more cumbersome to carry.

The second is the choke. A tighter choke (one that constricts the shot more) will increase accuracy, but it will also reduce the effective range. Finally, you need to decide whether you want a rifled or smooth-bore barrel.

Rifled barrels are more accurate, but they can only be used with sabot (jacketed) slugs. Smooth-bore barrels can be used with any type of slug, but they are less accurate. In general, if you’re primarily interested in accuracy, go with a rifled barrel that’s at least 18″ long and has a tight choke (such as an “extra full” or ” turkey”). If you’re primarily interested in range or versatility, go with a smooth-bore barrel that’s 20″ or longer and has a looser choke (such as “full” or “modified”).

And if you want something in between those two extremes, go with a rifled barrel that’s 20″ or longer and has a medium choke (such as “improved cylinder” or “light modified”).

Do I Need a Rifled Barrel to Shoot Slugs?

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Sabot Slugs

Sabot slugs are a type of projectile used in shotguns. These slugs are designed to be more aerodynamic than traditional lead pellets, and they also have a hollow point that helps them expand upon impact. Sabot slugs typically offer more accuracy and range than regular pellets, making them ideal for hunting and target shooting.

12 Gauge Sabot Slugs for Rifled Barrel

12 gauge sabot slugs for rifled barrel shotguns are an excellent choice for deer hunting. They offer superior accuracy and penetration over traditional lead slugs, and they’re less likely to damage the bore of your shotgun. If you’re looking for a high-quality sabot slug for your rifled barrel shotgun, we highly recommend Hornady’s 12 Gauge SST Sabot Slug.

It’s one of the most popular choices among deer hunters, and for good reason – it’s accurate, powerful, and reliable. Hornady’s SST Slug is designed specifically for use in rifled barrel shotguns. It features a sharp polymer tip that increases accuracy and penetration, while the hollow point expands upon impact to create a large wound channel.

The result is a devastatingly effective deer round that will put down even the biggest bucks with ease. If you want the ultimate in 12 gauge sabot slug performance, go with Hornady’s SST Slug – you won’t be disappointed.

Rifled Barrel Shotgun

A rifled shotgun barrel is a type of gun barrel that has spiral grooves cut into the bore. These grooves give the bullet a spin as it travels down the barrel, which makes it more accurate than a smooth-bore shotgun. Rifled barrels are typically used for hunting and target shooting, as they provide greater accuracy than smooth-bore barrels.

Rifled barrels are made by cutting spiral grooves into the bore of the barrel. The depth and width of these grooves varies depending on the manufacturer. Most rifled barrels have between four and eight grooves, with each groove being about 0.005 inches deep.

The number of twists per inch (TPI) also varies depending on the manufacturer, but most rifled barrels have between one and two twists per inch. The main advantage of a rifled shotgun barrel is that it provides greater accuracy than a smooth-bore barrel. This is because the spin imparted to the bullet by the spiral grooves stabilizes its flight, making it less affected by crosswinds and other factors that can cause a shot to veer off course.

Rifled barrels are also less likely to jam than smooth-bore barrels, as there is less friction between the bullet and the bore thanks to the lubricating effect of the spiraling grooves. If you’re looking for increased accuracy from your shotgun, then a rifled barrel is definitely worth considering. Just keep in mind that such barrels are not legal for use in all jurisdictions – check your local laws before purchasing one!


Slugs are a type of shotgun ammunition that is designed to be fired from a smooth-bore barrel. While most shotguns come with smooth-bore barrels, some manufacturers offer barrels with rifling for shooting slugs. Rifled barrels can improve accuracy when shooting slugs, but they are not necessary for all shooters.

Smooth-bore barrels can still be used to shoot slugs effectively, and many shooters find that they prefer the patterning and performance of smooth-bore barrels for slug shooting.

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