How To Clean A Lever Action Rifle?

Lever action rifles are a popular choice for many gun enthusiasts. They are known for their accuracy and reliability. But, like any other firearm, they require regular maintenance to function properly.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean a lever action rifle.

  • Unload the rifle by removing the magazine and cycling the action to ensure there are no rounds in the chamber
  • Remove any dirt, debris or buildup from the exterior of the rifle using a soft cloth
  • Be sure to pay special attention to the lever, trigger and other moving parts
  • Use a small brush to clean out any dirt or debris from inside the magazine well and receiver area
  • You can also use compressed air to blow out these areas if needed
  • Clean the bore of the barrel using a rod and patch with solvent followed by a dry patch
  • Run several patches through until they come out clean
  • Apply a light coat of oil to all moving parts and wipe down any exposed metal surfaces with a lightly oiled cloth

Levergun Cleaning

Are Lever-Action Rifles Easy to Clean?

Lever-action rifles are easy to clean when compared to other types of rifles. The process is relatively simple and does not require any special tools or knowledge. With a few basic supplies, you can easily clean your lever-action rifle in a matter of minutes.

One of the most important things to remember when cleaning any type of firearm is to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This will ensure that you do not damage the weapon and void any warranties. With that said, let’s take a look at how to clean a lever-action rifle step-by-step.

Supplies Needed: Cleaning Rod & Brush – A good quality cleaning rod and brush are essential for proper cleaning. Be sure to choose one that is specifically designed for firearms.Bronze Bore Brush – A bronze bore brush will help remove any built-up residue in the barrel of your rifle.Rifle Cleaning solvent – This will help break down any dirt, grime, or powder fouling in your gun.Cloth patches – Cloth patches are used to apply solvent and scrub the barrel clean.

How Often Should Rifle Be Cleaned?

It is important to clean your rifle after every use. Depending on how dirty the gun is, will determine how often you should clean it. If you just shot at the range, then a quick cleaning will do.

But if you were out in the field shooting in dusty conditions, then a more thorough cleaning is necessary.

Are Lever Actions Hard to Clean?

Lever action rifles are often lauded for their simplicity and ruggedness. But what about when it comes time to clean them? Are they more difficult to take apart and maintain than other types of rifles?

The answer is, it depends. Lever action rifles can vary greatly in terms of design and complexity. Some are very straightforward and easy to disassemble and reassemble, while others can be quite intricate.

In general, though, most lever action rifles are not particularly difficult to clean. The main thing to keep in mind is that you need to be careful with the springs – both the main spring that powers the mechanism, and any smaller springs inside the gun. These can be delicate, and if you’re not careful you can easily damage them.

Other than that, just make sure you follow the steps in your owner’s manual (if you have one) or a reputable cleaning guide. And as always, if you’re unsure about something or have any questions, consult a professional gunsmith before proceeding.

What is the Best Thing to Clean a Gun With?

Assuming you are referring to firearms, there are a few things you can use to clean your gun. The most important thing is to make sure that you clean it regularly. This will help keep it in good condition and prevent any problems from arising.

One of the best things you can use to clean your gun is a bore snake. This is a flexible piece of equipment that has a brush on one end and a cloth on the other. You simply insert it into the barrel of your gun and run it through a few times.

This will remove any debris or build-up that may be inside the barrel. Another option is to use compressed air to blow out the barrel of your gun. This is also an effective way to remove any debris that may be inside the barrel.

Just make sure that you point the muzzle of the gun away from yourself or anyone else when doing this. You should also clean the rest of your gun on a regular basis. This includes wiping down the exterior with a cloth or brush to remove any dirt or grime.

You should also lubricate all moving parts on your gun with oil to keep them working properly.

How To Clean A Lever Action Rifle?


How to Lubricate a Lever Action Rifle

In a lever action rifle, the bullets are fed into the chamber through a magazine. The magazine is located in front of the trigger and is held in place by a spring-loaded follower. When the lever is pulled back, the follower moves up and pushes the next bullet into the chamber.

To lubricate a lever action rifle, you will need to first remove any dirt or debris from the moving parts. A good way to do this is to use compressed air or a brush designed specifically for cleaning firearms. Once the moving parts are clean, you can apply a thin layer of lubricant to them.

Be sure to avoid getting any lubricant on the outside of the firearm, as it can attract dirt and debris. There are many different types of lubricants available for firearms, so it’s important to choose one that is designed specifically for guns. Some common gun lubricants include CLP (cleaning, lubricating, and protecting) oils, WD-40 Specialist Gun Oil, and Hoppe’s No. 9 Lubricating Oil.

Apply a small amount of your chosen lubricant to a clean cloth and wipe it over all of the moving parts in your rifle. Allow the lubricant to dry before using your gun again.


Assuming you would like a summary of the blog post titled “How To Clean A Lever Action Rifle”, here it is: In order to clean a lever action rifle, first make sure that the gun is unloaded. Next, remove any dirt or debris from the surface of the gun using a soft cloth.

Once the gun is clean, lubricate all moving parts with a light oil. Finally, reassemble the gun and store it in a safe place.

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