How to Do a European Mount Without Boiling

How to Do a European Mount Without Boiling

European mounts are a great way to display the trophy from your hunt, but many people don’t realize that you don’t have to boil the skull in order to clean it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do a European mount without boiling. You’ll need:

-1 cup of hydrogen peroxide

-1 cup of water

-2 tablespoons of baking soda

-A bucket or container large enough to fit the skull

  • Start by cleaning the skull to remove any meat or tissue
  • This can be done with a power washer, wire brush, or other abrasive tool
  • Once the skull is clean, place it in a container of peroxide and water (3 parts peroxide to 1 part water)
  • Let it soak for 24-48 hours until all the flesh has disintegrated
  • After soaking, remove the skull from the peroxide and rinse it off with water
  • Next, you will need to whiten the skull
  • This can be done with a commercial whitening kit or by using a homemade mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda (1 cup hydrogen peroxide to 1/2 cup baking soda)
  • Let the skull soak in this mixture for 24-48 hours until it reaches the desired shade of white
  • Finally, allow the skull to air dry completely before displaying it or storing it away

How To Do A European Mount (The Easy Way)

How Do You Clean a Deer Skull Without Boiling It?

There are a few ways that you can clean a deer skull without boiling it. One way is to use a product like bleach or Hydrogen Peroxide. You will want to make sure that you follow the directions on the bottle and be very careful with these chemicals.

Another way is to use enzymes. You can find these at your local pet store. Again, you will want to follow the directions on the bottle.

The last way is to bury the skull in the ground for a few months. This will allow the elements and insects to do the work for you.

What is the Easiest Way to Do a European Mount?

If you’re a hunter, chances are you’ve considered doing your own European mount. Or maybe you’ve seen some beautifully done Euro mounts and wondered how to achieve that level of taxidermy perfection. Whatever the case may be, we’re here to tell you that it’s not as difficult as you might think!

With just a few simple steps, you can do your own European mount at home. The first step is to remove all the flesh from the skull. This can be done with a variety of methods, but we find boiling to be the easiest.

Simply place the skull in a pot of boiling water and let it cook until all the flesh comes off. You may need to use a scraper to help loosen any stubborn bits. Once the skull is clean, it’s time to whiten it.

This step is important for achieving that bright white look typical of European mounts. There are many commercial whitening products available, or you can make your own whitening solution using hydrogen peroxide and water. Simply soak the skull in the mixture for 24 hours, then rinse and allow it to air dry completely.

Now your skull is ready for mounting! We recommend using an adhesive designed specifically for mounting skulls (available at most taxidermy supply stores). Just follow the instructions on the packaging and voila – you’ve got yourself a beautiful European mount!

Can You Use Baking Soda for European Mount?

Baking soda is a common household item that can be used for cleaning, cooking, and even personal hygiene. But did you know that baking soda can also be used to create a European mount? A European mount is a type of animal skull mount where the skull is cleaned and whitened.

This type of mount is popular among hunters and taxidermists. To create a European mount using baking soda, you will need:

-1 cup of baking soda

-1 quart of boiling water

-A large container or bucket

– gloves

– wire brush (optional)

Instructions: 1. Boil one quart of water and pour it over the baking soda in the container.

Stir until the baking soda is dissolved.

2. Add your animal skull to the mixture making sure it is fully submerged. Allow it to soak for 24 hours.

3. Drain off the solution and discard. Rinse the skull with fresh water to remove any residual baking soda.

4. Soak the skull in hydrogen peroxide for 24 hours. This will help to further whiten the bone.

5. Rinse off the hydrogen peroxide and allow the skull to air dry completely before handling further.

*Note: Hydrogen peroxide can be corrosive so take care not to get any on your skin or clothing.

What Do You Put in the Water When Boiling a Deer Skull?

When boiling a deer skull, you will need to add enough water to cover the skull completely. You will also need to add some type of acid to the water. This can be vinegar, lemon juice, or even diluted hydrochloric acid.

The acid helps to break down the tissue and remove any residual flesh from the skull. Boil the skull for at least two hours, or until all of the tissue has been removed.

How to Clean a Deer Skull Without Boiling

When it comes to cleaning a deer skull, many people think that boiling is the only way to do it. However, this is not the case! There are several ways that you can clean a deer skull without boiling it.

One method is to use a pressure washer. This will remove all of the flesh and tissue from the skull without damaging the bone. You can also use a wire brush to scrub away any remaining tissue.

Another method is to soak the skull in a mixture of water and bleach for 24 hours. This will kill any bacteria and break down the remaining tissue. After soaking, simply rinse off the skull with clean water.

No matter which method you choose, be sure to wear gloves and protective eyewear while cleaning the skull. These precautions will help keep you safe from harmful chemicals and debris.

Euro Mount

A Euro Mount is a type of taxidermy in which the animal’s skull is mounted on a plaque or piece of wood, without the use of the animal’s skin. This allows for a more natural look, as well as providing better access to the skull for study. Euro mounts are often used for deer and other game animals, but can be used for any type of animal.

How to Do a European Deer Mount

If you’re an avid hunter, chances are you’ve thought about mounting a deer at some point. And if you’re looking to add a European deer mount to your collection, there are a few things you need to know. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do a European deer mount the right way:

1. Start by skinning the deer head and neck. You’ll want to be very careful not to damage the hide during this process.

2. Next, remove the meat from the skull and clean it thoroughly.

This can be done with a power washer or by boiling the skull in water for several hours.

3. Once the skull is clean, it’s time to whiten it. This can be done with a variety of products, but we recommend using bleach as it’s most effective.

4. Now that the skull is prepped, it’s time to start working on the antlers (if present). Remove any loose velvet and then sand them down until they’re smooth.

5. The next step is to assemble your mount . This will require some basic carpentry skills, so if you’re not confident in your abilities, we suggest enlisting help from someone who is experienced in this area..

To assemble your mount, you’ll need: – A board that’s large enough to accommodate the size of your deer head – Antler mounts – A drill – Nails or screws – Sawdust – Polyurethane

6. Once you have all of your materials gathered, start by attaching the antler mounts to the board. Then position your cleaned skull on top of those mounts. Secure everything in place with nails or screws.

7. Next, fill any gaps around the edge of the skull with sawdust. Once that’s done , apply a generous amount of polyurethane over top. Allow everything to dry completely before moving on to step

8. The final step is optional, but we recommend giving your European deer mount a coat of paint. This will help protect it from UV rays and other elements that could cause damage over time. Choose a color that coordinates well with your home décor and get creative ! We hope this guide has been helpful and that you enjoy showing off your new trophy !

European Deer Mount Whitening

European Deer Mount Whitening Whitening your European deer mount can be done easily and quickly with a few simple supplies. You will need:

-bleach -brushes -gloves

-plastic sheeting or tarp

First, set up your work area by covering the ground with plastic sheeting or a tarp. This will help protect the surface you are working on and make cleanup much easier.

Next, put on gloves to protect your hands from the bleach. diluted chlorine bleach works well for whitening deer mounts. You will want to mix the bleach with water in a ratio of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water.

Once the mixture is ready, use a brush to apply it evenly over the entire mount. Be sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies. Allow the mount to sit for about 30 minutes so that the bleach can do its job.

After 30 minutes, rinse off the mount completely with clean water.

European Mount Taxidermy

If you’re a hunter, you’ve probably thought about what to do with your trophy once you’ve taken it down. European mount taxidermy is a popular option that can help you preserve your memories and show off your skills. Here’s everything you need to know about European mount taxidermy.

What is European Mount Taxidermy? European mount taxidermy is the process of preserving a animal skull so that it can be displayed. The skull is cleaned of all flesh and then bleached or boiled to remove any remaining tissue.

Once the skull is clean, it can be painted or left natural. European mount taxidermy is a popular option for hunters because it allows them to display their trophies without having to stuff and mount an entire animal. Why Choose European Mount Taxidermy?

There are several reasons why hunters might choose European mount taxidermy over traditional taxidermy. First, it’s less expensive than traditional taxidermy because you don’t have to pay for the entire animal to be mounted. Second, it takes up less space than a traditional mount, so it’s ideal for small homes or apartments.

Third, many people think european mounts look more stylish and modern than traditional mounts. And finally, european mounts are much easier to take care of than traditional mounts – they don’t require any special cleaning or maintenance (just dusting!).

European Mount Kit

If you’re a hunter, or you just admire the beauty of animals, taxidermy is a great way to show off your prize kills and trophies. But what if you don’t want to stuff an animal? European mounts are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional taxidermy.

A European mount is the skull of an animal with the horns or antlers still attached. The rest of the body is not preserved. This type of mount can be done with any type of animal, but most often they are seen with deer, elk, moose, and pronghorn antelope.

The first step in creating a European mount is to skin the head of the animal and remove all the flesh from the skull. This can be done by boiling or using chemicals like dermestid beetles. Once the skull is clean, it can be bleached or left natural.

After that, it’s simply a matter of attaching the horns or antlers (if they were not already attached) and displaying your new trophy!


A European mount is a way to display the skull of an animal after it has been harvested. The most common method is to boil the skull, but this can damage the bone and make it difficult to clean. There are other methods that don’t involve boiling, such as using dermestid beetles or freeze drying.

These methods are more time consuming, but they will result in a better looking mount.

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