Will Ammo Go Off In A Fire

Will Ammo Go Off In A Fire?

No one can predict with 100% certainty what will happen to ammunition if it is involved in a fire.

The answer to the question “Will ammo go off in a fire?” is “It depends.” It depends on the type of ammunition, the temperature of the fire, and other factors.

Will Ammo Go Off In A Fire

Ammunition is made up of a variety of different materials, including metal, plastic, and gunpowder. When these materials are heated to a high enough temperature, they can ignite and cause an explosion. The type of ammunition, the amount of gunpowder, and the size of the cartridge all play a role in how likely it is for the ammo to explode in a fire.

Pistol and rifle ammunition are the most likely to explode in a fire, while shotgun shells are the least likely. This is because shotgun shells contain less gunpowder than other types of ammunition.

The size of the cartridge also affects the likelihood of an explosion. Smaller cartridges, such as those used in handguns, are more likely to explode than larger cartridges, such as those used in rifles.

The temperature of the fire also plays a role in whether or not ammunition will explode. A fire that is hot enough to melt metal will most likely cause the ammunition to explode. However, a fire that is not hot enough to melt metal may not be hot enough to ignite the gunpowder.


There are many variables that can affect whether or not ammunition will explode in a fire. The best way to ensure the safety of those around you is to always assume that the ammunition will explode and take appropriate precautions.

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